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Industrial Systems

When Companies of a certain size widen their plants or need to update them, it becomes then fundamental to be able to boast a professionalism of great level and an adequate equipment. Maserati s.p.a, New Holland Italy s.p.a. and Associazione Industriali Modena are only some of those in which the Company operated. Borsari Luciano s.r.l., in fact has also either restored or built from scratch, systems for the plants of: Fiat Geotech in Jesi (AN), Modena’s branch of the Kraft General Foods, the seat of C.N.A. of Modena, the plant Chiari & Forti in Modena, the Eurofrutta in Sorbara (MO), the plant Carrozzeria Autodromo (MO), the Adespan Panini (MO), S.E.M. Sorgenti Emilia Romagna in Ospitale (MO), the seat of BNL (MO), that one of Scientific Police (MO) and many more.


Historical structures

Not all the Companies belonging to this particular field are in a position to operating in extreme situations like happened to Borsari Luciano S.r.l. in 1993, when has realized the atmospheric protection system for the famous "Ghirlandina", the bell tower of the Dome of Modena, to a height of 86 meters where only climber-workers could be able to install a lightning rod. (Cathedral, Torre Civica and Piazza Grande of Modena, have been declare patrimony of the humanity from the UNESCO in 1997).
The Company has moreover operated in many buildings that belong to the artistic patrimony, for instance the Sala delle Colonne of the Comune di Nonantola and the Churches of S.Biagio, S.M. della Pomposa, del Voto, il Tempio and the Church of S.Barnaba, all in Modena. Other historical buildings in which the Company operated are the seats of important associations or Companies such as: the Palazzina delle Casiglie (center of the Assopiastrelle in Sassuolo -
MO), Villa Cesi of Nonantola (MO), and still Villa Fregni always in Modena.


Special systems

An operative field in which a deep knowledge of the norms and a great professionalism are fundamental talents is that of systems in Hospitals and similar. Among the works realized in this sphere we remember: operating theaters, the units of pediatrics, oncology, radiology, gynecology, radiodiagnostics and immunology-haematology, all within Modena’s general hospital. All of these achievements can also count: the sterile rooms for the CNR of Parma, the Pediatric Hospital in Massa, the Eurocoating plant of Trento, the pharmaceutical factory ACS Dobfar from Milan, and General Stamp from Verona.


Public Buildings

For what the field of the public building is concerned Borsari Luciano S.r.l. carried out: the systems for the Modena’s water purifier commissioned them from Meta s.p.a., the Residential Center "Agorà 5" in Modena, the University of Modena and a large number of schools in Modena among which P.Paoli, G.Ferrari, I.T.I. Corni and Venturi Art Institute to name a few.
Numerous are also the commercial buildings in which the Company has taken part: the COMET Mall in Modena, the Ipercoop "I Giardini" in Formigine (MO), the Hypermarket Iper Famila in Finale Emilia (MO), the Mall "La Cometa" in Sassuolo (MO), the Fair District "Modena Esposizioni", the trading Thermohydraulics of Modena, different sale points of the Franchising Chain "Il Forno di Johnny".


Sport Grounds

Alberto Braglia Stadium (MO)The lighting of sports grounds is one of the fields in which Borsari Luciano S.r.l. has developed a deep experience: One project above all testifies the Company’s great ability is surely the racetrack "La Ghirlandina" in Modena of which the lighting system of the track, the electrical system of the new stands and the Data Processing Center have been carried out.
Many more are the projects that the Company has assisted in, both inside and outside the province of Modena. In order to name a few we list the lighting system of the football grounds of: Vignola (MO), Lama Mocogno (MO), Maranello (MO), Montecchio (RE); the C.O.N.I. tennis courts in Serramazzoni (MO) and Pavullo (MO). Moreover the Company has followed the lighting system of the Communal Stadium of Sassuolo (MO) and of the children’s playground of the racetrack in Arcoveggio (Bologna).


Public Lighting

The Comune di Carpi (MO), Comune di Maranello (MO), Comune di Sassuolo (MO), Comune di Formigine (MO), Comune di Mirandola (MO), Comune di Campogalliano (MO), Comune di Fanano (MO), Comune di Bondeno (FE), Comune di Correggio (RE), il Comune di Padova, il Comune di Massa Carrara, il Comune di RO (FE) are just some of the public bodies with whom the Company has cooperated taking care of the public lighting systems.


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